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GARGRAVE 20A - Kirk Sink, site of Roman Villa
GARGRAVE 10A - Anchor Lock 33, Leeds-Liverpool Canal
GARGRAVE 10B - Dredger at Anchor Lock, Leeds-Liverpool Canal
GARGRAVE 11A - Higherland Lock 32, Leeds-Liverpool Canal
GARGRAVE 11B - Bridge 170, Leeds-Liverpool Canal
GARGRAVE 12A - Eshton Beck Aqueduct, Leeds-Liverpool Canal
GARGRAVE 12B - Eshton Beck Aqueduct, Leeds-Liverpool Canal
GARGRAVE 13A - Eshton Road Lock 31 and Low Warehouse Bridge 171
GARGRAVE 14A - Swan, Leeds and Liverpool Canal
GARGRAVE 14B - Ray Bridge 171, Leeds-Liverpool Canal
GARGRAVE 08A - War Memorial
GARGRAVE 07A - Cyclist Dave Rayner's Memorial and Gargrave Bridge
Gargrave 06A - Mill Dam
GARGRAVE 05A - River Aire Stepping Stones
GARGRAVE 02A - St. Andrew's Church
GARGRAVE 01A - St. Andrew's Church
LONG PRESTON 15A - Milestone
LONG PRESTON 13A - Drinking fountain
LONG PRESTON 12A - War memorial
LONG PRESTON 11A - Site of the Baptist Chapel
LONG PRESTON 08A - Stone shaft in the churchyard
LONG PRESTON 05A - St. Mary's Church
LONG PRESTON 01A - The Maypole
SKIPTON 08A - Spirit of the Medieval Hunter
SKIPTON 11A - Leeds and Liverpool Canal Junction
SKIPTON 12A - Narrow Boats, Leeds and Liverpool Canal
SKIPTON 12B - Narrow Boats, Leeds and Liverpool Canal
SKIPTON 13A - Wall repair, Leeds and Liverpool Canal
SKIPTON 14A - Gawflatts Bridge 176, Leeds and Liverpool Canal
SKIPTON 15A - Brewery Swing Bridge 177, Leeds and Liverpool Canal
SKIPTON 16A - Belmont Bridge 178, Leeds and Liverpool Canal
SKIPTON 17A - Gallows Footbridge 179, Leeds and Liverpool Canal
SKIPTON 19A - Aqueduct 42 spanning Eller Beck
SKIPTON 19B - Aqueduct 42 and Victoria Mill Chimney
SKIPTON 20A - Victoria Mill and Chimney
SKIPTON 11B - Leeds and Liverpool Canal
SKIPTON 11C - Belmont Wharf,  Leeds and Liverpool Canal
SKIPTON 02A - Skipton Castle Gatehouse
SKIPTON 01A - Skipton Castle
SKIPTON 34A - Tomb of George Clifford
SKIPTON 07A - Skipton Castle Woods
SKIPTON 06A - Mill leat, Skipton Castle Woods
SKIPTON 45A - Fred Trueman Sculpture


SKIPTON 55A - Cock & Bottle
SKIPTON 50A - The Celebrated Pork Pie Establishment
SKIPTON 42B - Skipton Railway Station
SKIPTON 42A - Skipton Railway Station
SKIPTON 41A - Skipton Library
SKIPTON 40A - Skipton Town Hall
SKIPTON 39A - War Memorial
SKIPTON 35A - Christ Church
SKIPTON 33A - Powell Brothers window
SKIPTON 31A - Holy Trinity Church
SKIPTON 30A - Holy Trinity Church
SKIPTON 26B - Skipton Market
SKIPTON 26A - Skipton Market
SKIPTON 25A - Market Day, Skipton
SKIPTON 07B - Skipton Castle Woods
SKIPTON 05A - Round Dam, Skipton Castle Woods
SKIPTON 04B - Skipton Castle
SKIPTON 04A - Skipton Castle
RYDAL 18A - White Moss Common
RYDAL 19A - Bridge, White Moss Common
INGS 11A - St Anne's Church doorway
INGS 10A - St Anne's Church, Ings
FOSSIL 01A - Coral fossil
FOSSIL 01B - Coral fossil
FOSSIL 05A - Trace stick fossil
KIRKSTONE PASS 35A - Kirkstone Quarries
WEST KIRKBY 37A - Sandstone cliffs
ICE 20A - Icicles
GRANITE 50A - Round granite pebble
CHRISTMAS TREE 20A - Young boy waiting for Christmas
SLEDGING 01B - Man sledging
SLEDGING 15A - Boy sledging
SLEDGING 16A - Young boy sledging
SLEDGING 17A - Pause to make a snowball
ICE 10A - Frozen puddle
SLEDGING 14A - Young boy sledging
ICICLE 02A - Icicles and snow
SHEEP 87A - Sheep in the snow
SWAN 01A - Mute swan walking on ice
HAWKSHEAD 71A - Family in Grizedale Forest
HARVEST 01A - Apples, hops and pumpinks
HARVEST 01B - Harvest display of apples and hops
HARVEST 01C - Apples, hops and pumpkins
HALLOWEEN 02A - Halloween baby
BONFIRE NIGHT 01A - Family watching fireworks
HONEYSUCKLE 12A - Honeysuckle
DONKEY 10A - Donkey ride
FAMILY 01A - Father and sons
BLUEBELL 03B - Bluebell woods
EASTER 10A - Easter window display
EASTER 10B - Easter window display
ELTERWATER 07A - Elterwater Bridge
CHILD 30A - Children playing in the hay
HUTTON ROOF 41A - Coppiced woodland at Potslacks
LARCH 07A - Aerial view of a larch forest
BLUEBELL 03A - Bluebell Woods
DAFFODIL 04A - Wild daffodil woodland
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