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SILVERDALE 26A - The Quicksand Pool
SILVERDALE 25C - Smelt Mill Chimney
SILVERDALE 25B - Smelt Mill Chimney
BOLTON LE SANDS 35B - Praying Shell sculpture
BOLTON LE SANDS 35A - Praying Shell sculpture
HEYSHAM 32A - Anna Gillespie at the installation of 'Ship'
HEYSHAM 31B - 'Ship', Half Moon Bay
HEYSHAM 32B - Anna Gillespie at the installation of 'Ship'


SANDSIDE 10A - Rivers Kent and Bela
SCOTFORTH 01A - St. Paul's Church
LANCASTER 11D - Misericord, Lancaster Priory
PONSONBY 06A - Burne-Jones and Morris window, Ponsonby Church
LANCASTER 12A - Robert Asmead window, Lancaster Priory
GRESSINGHAM 03A - The Raising of Jairus' Daughter window, St John the Evangelist's Church
LANCASTER 11D - The nave, Lancaster Priory
LANCASTER 12B - Shrigley and Hunt window, Lancaster Priory
LANCASTER 12C - Shrigley and Hunt window, Lancaster Priory
LANCASTER 11C - Choir stalls, Lancaster Priory
LANCASTER 11B - Choir stalls, Lancaster Priory
LANCASTER 11A - The chancel, Lancaster Priory
LANCASTER 10C - Lancaster Priory
LANCASTER 06D - Lancaster Castle Gatehouse
MORECAMBE 09A - Time and Tide Bell
LANCASTER 51A - Paley and Austin Offices
AMBLESIDE 30B - Stockghyll Force
AMBLESIDE 31A - Stockghyll Force lower falls
LANGDALE 16A - Langdale Pikes and Side Pike
LANGDALE 49A - Wetherlam from Great Langdale
LANGDALE 16C - The Langdale Pikes
LANGDALE 16B - The Langdale Pikes
LANGDALE 17F - Blea Tarn
NEAR SAREY 03A - Esthwaite Water
NEAR SAWREY 01A - Near Sawrey and Esthwaite Water
CONISTON 25A - Yew Tree Farm
SHEEP 18A - Herdwick sheep at the feeder
KENDAL 23A - Beast Bank Post Office
HURST GREEN 01A - Stonyhurst College
HURST GREEN 01C - Stonyhurst College
HURST GREEN 03A - St Peter's Church, Stonyhurst College
HURST GREEN 01B - Stonyhurst College
GREAT MITTON 10A - Cromwell's Bridge
SAWLEY 06A - Sawley Abbey drain
SAWLEY 09A - 1960s Archway
LITTLE MITTON 01A - Mitton Hall
GREAT MITTON 15A - The Three Fishes
GREAT MITTON 09A - Great Mitton Hall
GREAT MITTON 01A - All Hallows Church
MITTON 01A - The view from Mitton Bridge
LITTLE MITTON 04A - The Aspinall Arms
OLD LANGHO 08A - The Black Bull
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