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LORTON 01A - St Cuthbert's Church
LORTON 15A - Spout Force
LORTON 03A - The Vale of Lorton
LORTON 06A - Yew Tree Hall
LORTON 16A - Aiken Beck
LANCASTER 06F - The Piazza, Lancaster Castle
CONISTON 70A - Church Beck Waterfall
GRASMERE 75A - Paragliding
CHRISTMAS TREE 20A - Young boy waiting for Christmas
SLEDGING 01B - Man sledging
SLEDGING 15A - Boy sledging
SLEDGING 16A - Young boy sledging
SLEDGING 17A - Pause to make a snowball
SLEDGING 14A - Young boy sledging
CHICKEN 60A - Chickens in the snow
ICICLE 02A - Icicles and snow
SHEEP 87A - Sheep in the snow
WINTER WOODLAND 02A - Snow-covered trees
WINTER WOODLAND 02B - Snow-covered trees
ICE 10A - Frozen puddle
BONFIRE NIGHT 01A - Family watching fireworks
HALLOWEEN 02A - Halloween baby
HARVEST 01A - Apples, hops and pumpinks
HARVEST 01B - Harvest display of apples and hops
HARVEST 01C - Apples, hops and pumpkins
AUTUMN GARDEN 01A - Autumnal flower garden
EASTER 10A - Easter window display
EASTER 10B - Easter window display
SHEEP 80D - Ewe with lambs in raincoats
SHEEP 81A - Lamb keeping warm
BLUEBELL 03B - Bluebell woods
SHEEP 11B - Rough fell ewe protecting her lambs from the sun
HONEYSUCKLE 12A - Honeysuckle
SUMMER GARDEN 01A - Campanular and Asteraceae
SUMMER GARDEN 02A - A view over the lake
DONKEY 10A - Donkey ride
FAMILY 01A - Father and sons
ISLE OF MULL 94B - Eas Fors, Loch Tuath
HUTTON ROOF 41A - Coppiced woodland at Potslacks
KIRKBY LONSDALE 24B - Catch of the day
CUCKOO FLOWER 07A - Greater cuckoo flower
MALLARD 01A - Mallard
MOORHEN 02A - Moorhen
REDSHANK 01B - Redshank
MALLARD 03A - Mallard diving
DOG 11A - Wire-haired fox terrier
DOG 11B - Wire-haired fox terrier
DOG 40A - Springer spaniel
SHEEP 01A - Swaledale sheep
SHEEP 15A - Herdwick sheep
SHEEP 92A - Swaledale sheep
CATTLE 10A - Blue Grey
CATTLE 15A - Longhorn
CATTLE 10B - Blue grey
CATTLE 11A - Blue grey bull
CATTLE 02A - Highland cow
CATTLE 26B - Belted Galloway cattle
CATTLE 25A - Belted Galloway
CATTLE 15B - Longhorn
BRACKEN 20A - Bracken bashing
GRASMERE 70A - Dry stone walling
MOLE 05A - Molehills
BALER 01A - Jones steam baler
BALER 01B - Jones steam baler
BALER 05A -Massey Ferguson 224 baler
HORSE 01A  Lakeland fell pony
HORSE 02A - Lakeland fell pony
PIGEON - Racing pigeon
CHICKEN 01A - Orpington hen
CHICKEN 06A - Black copper marans hen
CHICKEN 50A - Farmyard chickens
CHICKEN 02A - Orpington chicken
CHICKEN 03A - Black Orprington chicken
CHICK 11A - Marans hen
CHICKEN 61A - Cockerel in the snow
SHEEP 10A - Rough fell sheep
SHEEP 15B - Herdwick sheep
SHEEP 16A - Herdwick sheep
SHEEP 80A - Ewe with lambs
SHEEP 80B - Fell sheep
SHEEP 80C - Ewe with lambs
SHEEP 80E - Ewe with lamb
SHEEP 81B - White lamb
SHEEP 82A - Lambs and gate
SHEEP 84A - Ewe and lamb
SHEEP 85A - Lunchtime
CROOKLANDS 50A - Sheep shearing, Westmorland Show
SHEEP 86A - Seeking shade
SHEEP 11A - Rough fell ewe feeding her lamb
SHEEP 12A - Rough fell lamb
SHEEP 20A - Texal
SHEEP 22A - Texal lamb
SHEEP 21A - Texal ewe with lamb
SHEEP 33A - Cheviot sheep
CATTLE 70A - Calves on the hay
KIRKBY LONSDALE 70E - Lunesdale Show
CATTLE 21A - Whitebred shorthorn
CATTLE 80A - Cows and tree silhouette
CATTLE 80B - Cow and tree silhouette
CATTLE 43A - Fresian cow at the stream
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