Burneside walk - Two page PDF file

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BUSINESS  USE: Your walk will be personalised, so please contact Joan

Much time and effort goes into the making of the Photo North Discovery Walks because I would like them to be regarded as some of the best and most detailed guides on the market. Please note however that new fences may have been erected, signposts changed or at times my directions may even have led you astray! Please contact me if you have any comments or contributions to make about the walks. Your feedback is invaluable and helps to ensure that the guides are continually up to date and are as accurate as possible.

The tick boxes on the photos are an ideal way to keep children interested in a walk, but please be aware that some shots have been taken with a zoom lens and I may have taken carefully considered risks to get some of the other photos. Please ensure that children don't take risks in order to get a tick!
Please also be aware that no outdoor walking is without risk and that you are solely responsible for your own safety and that of your family.
Take the precautions listed on each walk, keep safe, and I hope you enjoy this walk as much as I enjoyed preparing it for you!


  • Download : Discovery Walk - Personal Use
    2 pages
  • Download : Discovery Walk - Walking Group
    2 pages
  • Download : Discovery Walk - Business Use
    2 pages

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